Masaje rejuvenecimiento facial

Rejuvance facial massage

Rejuvance is a kind of natural face-lifting massage, unblocking and liberating face, neck and shoulders from any tension. The technique of rejuvance invigorates and strengthens the muscles, and at the same time it liberates the conjunctive tissues under the outer skin and re-establishes its elasticity and flexibility.

Rejuvance, also called the non-surgical lifting, strengthens all the muscles of the face and can take years of tension away. Therefore, it smoothes away little wrinkles, jaw pain, headaches, migraines and helps the blood circulation, increasing in this way the flexibility of the upper skin.

A lot of the points of rejuvance coincide with the acupuncture points. In this way, through the acupuncture meridians, the energy goes through the whole body and brings a deep relaxation and good health. Consequently, rejuvance can help respiratory problems, can bring a deep relaxation to the nervous system, can give a brighter lucidity and a greater feeling of health and well-being.

Rejuvance is an ideal therapy for a bride before the wedding.

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