Cupping Massage

Cupping Massage Therapy

This specific method of treatment involves the positioning of small pots on the body and by creating lack of air it causes a local absorbent force. Toxins and parasites are drawn away in this way, but most importantly the static/dull energy of the body.

The origin of massage cupping is detected in ancient China. Later on it expanded in Egypt and then in ancient Greece. Hippocrates, one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine, would recommend them as an efficient method of confronting various illnesses.

It brings prompt results in vitalizing the body, whilst at the same time it is considered to be an ideal solution for curing colds, fever and respiratory disorders.

Massage cupping instantly reinforces the flow of energy (chi) in the body and efficiently assists the removal of toxins and detained liquids. It decreases edemas and pains on the conjunctional tissue, on the soft tissues of the body and even on long-lasting pains of the waist. The benefits of this method of treatment are remarkable for issues of aesthetic nature, as it is one of the most efficient treatments against cellulite.

Therapists who provide it: